Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Come Dance With Me - Katarzyna Musial

I recently discovered a marvellous piano recital CD by an excellent pianist previously unknown to me. Come Dance With Me, played by Katarzyna Musial, includes early 20th century works by a diverse range of composers, some known to me, some I had heard of and some which are new to me. So in a way, this is a CD of unknowns.

Katarzyna Musial Come Dance With Me

Katarzyna Musial is a Polish born pianist who resides in Canada. Ms. Musial is a 2014 Steinway artist with a string of qualifications, awards and prizes behind her name. To describe her as an emerging talent would be a massive understatement. As she was previously unknown to me, I was delighted to find that she has her own youTube channel where she generously publishes well produced content. She is also well represented on other social media channels, including FaceBook and Twitter, which shows an understanding of modern audience demands for social interaction from artists. To discover more about Katarzyna Musial, I suggest a visit to her website

Katarzyna Musial

Readers of this blog will know that I am always delighted to discover something new. I would bet, given the diversity of the repertoire on this CD, that very few people will have encountered all of these pieces; therefore, there is likely something new to discover, for most, on this CD. Come Dance With Me showcases a selection of early 20th-century piano dance pieces from Europe, North and South America. The diversity of composers represented include:

Admittedly, the only piece that I was previously familiar with was Gershwin's Prelude. When I encounter new repertoire, I always listen a few times before making up my mind. In this case, the playing is so compelling that after two hearings I was completely hooked. What particularly strikes me is Ms. Musial's ability to execute the thunderous roars of the piano, contrasted with moments of exquisite lyrical beauty. She evokes a range of colours and emotions from the piano which one rarely hears. The repertoire on this CD is not always easy, but Ms. Musial (I've often typed Ms. Musical) manages to make these works extremely approachable and likeable through her carefully judged tempos and precision in executing the pulsating dance rhythms, which appear throughout this CD.

This CD proves once again that many undiscovered classical music gems exist. Thankfully a number of them are expertly unearthed here.

Katarzyna Musial

If you need any more convincing, take a look at a youTube video of Katarzyna Musial playing the 3rd of Ginastera's Argentine Dances, Dance of the Arrogant Cowboy, which is also the 3rd track on this CD.

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