Friday, 9 August 2013

Amsterdam Concertgebouw Highlights Aug-Sept 2013

With an overwhelming choice of live music events these days, how does one go about choosing the right concert? This post will feature some of the classical music highlights taking place in Amsterdam' Concertgebouw between Aug-Sept with associated Spotify playlist for those who aren't able to attend any of these. (One of the concerts is available in HD online).

I'm fortunate enough to live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam is a city alive with culture. Classical music is well represented, with three main venues which regularly host classical concerts, namely: Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw and Muziektheatre. The Concertgebouw on the Museumplein is the primary concert venue of the city and is one of the great concert halls of the world. There are approximately 700 concerts in the Concertgebouw each year. So how does one choose what to see from this overwhelming selection?
Concertgebouw Museumplein Amsterdam
Concertgebouw Museumplein Amsterdam
There are some wonderful opportunities in Aug-Sept 2013 to see some of the world's greatest talents in action. Below is a selection of the classical music highlights (click links to see more details), including a Spotify playlist of featured artists where available (at the end of the page) and respective links by clicking on CD covers.

Classical Music highlights Aug-Sept 2013

Spotify playlist:

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