Friday, 21 June 2013

Collaboration with Classical Culture blog

I am delighted to announce a collaboration with a wonderful classical music blog, Classical Culture (in Portugese). I intend to have the author, Pablo Pagues, guest blog here periodically so therefore thought it a good idea to introduce him. You'll notice from his bio below that he has similar passions and desires for his blog and classical music as I do. I therefore find a collaboration with Pablo and Classical Culture a great fit. I look forward to his future posts. The link to his blog can be found on the right.
Pablo Pagues:
"Hi everyone! I write today as a start of a period of collaboration and friendship between my friend Arnaud from “Classical Music For You” and “Classical Culture Blog”. But who is Classical Culture?
Well, they say that great loves always start early, perhaps habits or customs in the family, good times and memories that were stored in the memory of those who will one day be men. In my case it was no different. My love of classical music begins with my earliest childhood memories. Those Sunday mornings watching my mother enjoying old vinyl recordings with famous compositions of Mozart. So I grew up listening to those songs on that old giant turntable (it was the size of furniture). These were clearly happy moments with classical music as background, one thing became associated with the other. Just see how good guidance at the right time is so important, since then I started enjoying classical music more and more. I'm not a person who grew up in a "scholar" environment. I was just lucky to be born into a home that enjoyed good music. As the years go by a true love for classical music has only gotten stronger. I've seen, with increasing concern, that as generations go by we are gradually losing the appreciation for this kind of music. This was the main reason why I decided to start my blog, Classical culture. Not to show off any specialised or complicated knowledge. But more from a genuine desire to disseminate and demystify classical music, not as something for “scholars” or even for rich people, but something for everyone. You don’t have to be an intellectual to appreciate or understand classical music, I was a kid and loved even without understanding what those ladies were singing in Italian, because what music conveys is a state of spirit if you want, that goes beyond rational understanding . From Classical Culture Blog, I invite everyone to give an opportunity to classical music, I invite to knock down preconceptions and enjoy a genre of music that has crossed time and will continue to endure. As I always say, "everyone likes classical music, they only don’t know yet." That’s why Classical Culture exists!"
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